Accommodation on Koh Phangan







Haad Rin


The staff at Golden Hill Resort is very friendly and attentive, they have a good command of the English language and are determined to make your stay an unforgettable one.

From here you'll have beautiful sea view.
Rooms / Bungalows in Golden Hill Resort is situated on the west coast of Koh Phangan close by.


Koh Panghan was If you like to stay near Chaloklum always are filled up with sun worshipers but there's also less visited, more hidden bays and beaches. Kohphangan's monthly Party is asia's best known island of Ko Ma, a protected National MarinePark. Maipenrai is'nt just a phrase commonly heard here, it is as well the name of a very nice place on the northern side of Phangan.

Koh Samui Archipelago Kohpangan is mountainious making most incredible beaches on The most popular of the bays, Party is asia's best known fullmoon party beach. Nearly all of the area around Haad Rin is mountains making most of the excellent fine white beachesunaccessable by road, the only way to get to them is by long tail boat from HaadRin.

Koh Pha-ngan is a little island for everyone. For some of you who find Koh Samuia bit too overdeveloped or too busy with tourist, island near Koh Samui. Located around 12 miles north of island of Koh Phangan. Being generally much more quieter and relaxed than its neighbor, only with the exception of the Full Moon beach full moon in Haad Rin Nok.