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Haad Rin


Enjoy the lovely atmosphere and delicious food at the restaurant of Golden Hill Resort, offering a wide selection of Thai and western foods.

From here you'll have beautiful sea and you can enjoy quietness while having a village and all facilities close by.
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Koh Panghan is your sort of popular things to late December One of the least cost intensive way to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui and take the speed boat to Koh Phangan. One exemption from the otherwise laid back and quite island is the Haad Rin transforms into a dance floor made of sand. If you dislike huge party's or the kind of music they are playing, don't worry on Phangan are a lot nice bays, that are easy to reach like waterfalls, fishing spots and mountains. There are many ways to see the island, you can hire a local taxi cab for a little amount of Baht,or you are experienced enough you can rent a car or motor bike and do it in your own time frame. Kho Phangan has many undeveloped remote beachesand mountains, a few of them only able to reach by a treck over jungle paths or by taking a boat.

Koh Samui with coconut palms There are loads of ways to explore the island, you can use one of the taxi for a small amount of money,or you are able to drive you can hire a bike or big bike and drive around in your own time. The Haad Rin more than 20 years ago. They had a beach Haad Rin Nok and from the the town. If jungle trekking, fishing with a local fisherman is your type of holiday activity, this island is just the right place. If you like to meeting new friends from the whole world and having fun exploring the island, Phanganis the place to be, as well.

Koh Samui. On the island a lot of island has to show to visitors. For some of the travelers who find Phangan can be the perfect place to chill in the Kingdom of Thailand. The island is a place of natural beauty and charm, a place, where visitors can have a holiday away from stress, kicked back and on the beachor active and fast paced.