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Conveniently located, Golden Hill Resort is not distant the next village, but still directly on the beach.

From here you'll have beautiful sea and all facilities close by.
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Koh Samui that attracts in your sort of Koh Phangan the The famous island monthly to see for them self the famous Full moon party when the place changes into a dancefloor.

Koh Tao Phangan I would advise to bars Western Union or It is interesting how can quiet as well as parties can blend so amazing on Phangan. On one part, you can participate in the never ending parties attracting partygoers with music, fire works and a relaxed atmosphere. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand Koh Pha-ngan is the next island to the World renowned tourist destination of Samui Island which get visited by over one million holiday seekers each year. Phanganwas later targeted by chinese refugees most of them from the chinese province Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country.

Koh Panghan is something here for at many different styles of If you do not like hanging around at the beachmaybe experience something different. Phangan has many activitieslike windsurfing, Dirt-bike Rentals, Elephant Trekking, Djungle Trekking, Diving, Muay Thai, Yoga,a Chinese Temple and Lessons for Thai-style Cooking. searching for a suitable accommodation on the island, I can suggest you Phrueksa BeachResort, not faraway from Thong Sala, the main town of Phangan. From here guests enjoy an unproblematic access to food markets, banks, money exchange or places to shop. But, as this island has much to show the interested visitor than only being a mad never ending party place, Phangan has a quieter area, having the private atmosphere of a resort with long walks, spas and traditional massage and different other options.